Dan Henderson wants the Iceman and the Spiders belts!

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POLL: Who do you want Hendo to fight next?
Wanderlie Silva 5% (3)
Shogun Rua 35% (20)
Antonio Rogerio Nogeria 2% (1)
Paulo Filho 11% (6)
Chuck Liddell 25% (14)
Anderson Silva 23% (13)
3/22/07 10:43:55AM

Dan Henderson: I Want Anderson Silva and Chuck Liddell
3/22/07 10:51:39AM
I hope at least one of these fights happens. I am tired of hearing the pride vs UFC crap.

Both organizations have great fighters and I think cross competition would make for some great match-ups.
3/22/07 11:22:43AM
Stay on target, Dan. You've got a bogey coming out of the Sun, twelve o'clock high, and his name is Shogun...

3/22/07 3:00:57PM
i agree either 1 of these fights would be really good lets hope that if the rumours of PRIDE being bought by ufc are true then we might get to finally see one of them
3/22/07 4:19:58PM
Careful what ya wish for Dan!
3/22/07 8:32:13PM
yea u may just get Chucks fist in your face...
3/22/07 8:48:18PM
i think dan would be better off fightin chuck cause dans style is kinda just like rich franklin and we saw wat happen there and i also think theres no one rite now in the lightheavy weight division that stands a chance of taken that belt from chuck and i think haven dan come over to ufc after his dominating profomance against wanderli would defently be a blow to pride but honestly who really cares i think dan is being held back over there in pride he has so much talent and i think it would be stupid for him not to take one of those fights.
3/23/07 9:12:55AM

Posted by AchillesHeel

Stay on target, Dan. You've got a bogey coming out of the Sun, twelve o'clock high, and his name is Shogun...

3/23/07 9:14:02AM
Seriously, either of those fights would be amazing, however, he needs to focus on giving Shogun his rightful shot at the belt.
3/23/07 1:10:34PM
I know there's alot of great match ups for Hendo and being the owner of two belts sure helps set those match ups. Someone I think everyone is forgetting about is Dennis Kang. This kid looks like he can do it all and I think he could come out of no where and take that welter weight title.
3/23/07 6:33:58PM
I agree with the Dennis Kang statement. He can toss, and I definitely think he'll get a shot at 185 soon. However, the best guy at 185 in the world, in my opinion, is Paulo Filho. He'll take Hendo's Welterweight title real soon, that is if he doesn't go to the UFC first.
3/23/07 7:07:36PM
Paulo Filho is a really good number 1 contender as well. How cool would it be to see Kang vs. Filho? Winner gets the title shot. That's what I'm talking about
9/13/07 1:47:24AM
Hes gotta fight anderson silva next! If anderson lose's to franklin id like to see him fight rua
9/13/07 9:45:25AM
Well, I really think everyone under estimating hendo. He's a great fighter and I think he's one of the few at 185 who would beat silva. I also think he would beat chuck. He can take aloooot of punishment and he can throw the leather. Difference between rampage and chuck fighting hendo is chuck will not be able to over power him and get him to the ground. You can stand with hendo, but ask wand why thats not the greatest of stratagies.
9/13/07 10:38:08AM
Very true.

I think Hendo would eat Chuck alive.Maybe even catch him with that right hand from hell and send him to dream land.