Dan Henderson vs Wanderlei Silva 3

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POLL: Dan Henderson vs Wanderlei Silva 3
Dan Henderson 24% (7)
Wanderlei Silva 72% (21)
Draw 3% (1)
8/20/08 12:54:07PM
Who do you think would win Dan Henderson or Wandy 3 (if it happened)
8/20/08 1:11:02PM
Wanderlei, he would love to have a rematch I'm sure, he would be two much for Hendo to handle in this fight.
8/20/08 1:29:49PM
I totally agree on that i believe Wanderlei would love a chance to fight Dan again. It would be a battle just like their previous fights. I think Wanderlei would win in the rematch.

My Pick
Wanderlei Silva / Decision / Unanimous
8/20/08 1:37:42PM
i see it going down like theyre first fight....wandy by dec.
8/20/08 2:33:39PM
Wanderlei would win by KO, TKO, or unanimous decision.
8/20/08 5:47:58PM
wandy prolly by a late tko or dominating UD
8/20/08 6:41:19PM
If it goes to dec- then Hendo will win, simple as that, boring fight.

It will most likely be a standup war since Hendo is mildy retarded at times. Wandy by KO.
8/20/08 7:02:07PM
I think Wanderlai would KO him, he would probably be so pump up plus Hendo would most probably stand up with him long enough to get KOed 2rd KO
8/20/08 7:22:03PM
chalk me up as one of the nieve ones that still believes silva was sick in their second fight, wandy by ud.
8/21/08 10:32:59AM
i would have to have wandy winning this one they need a rubber match might happen sometime next year
maybe if wandy beats rampage and hendo beat palhares then we might see it next year
8/21/08 1:59:36PM

Posted by seanfu

If it goes to dec- then Hendo will win, simple as that, boring fight.

apparently you havent seen their first 2 fights......
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