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8/21/12 10:54:11PM
Round 1: "On the wrestling mat, I'd beat him up"

SI.com: Jon Jones has called you a "one-trick pony." I bring that up not to instigate some back-and-forth name calling -- your buddy Chael Sonnen has that covered, and besides, Jones also said some nice things about you before gift-wrapping the "one-trick pony" soundbite for us media rabble rousers. But I mention the quote because your wrestling credentials as a two-time Olympian always seem to take a back seat. It's not just Jones. Other fighters and media folks, when talking about Dan Henderson, tend to focus only on that big overhand right. Why do you think that is?
Henderson: I guess it's because that's the thing I use to finish fights most of the time. The wrestling is invaluable as well, but it's not what people see when the fight gets finished.
SI.com: Jones actually did have something to say about your wrestling in that interview I just mentioned. Here's what he said: "When you put Dan Henderson against a guy who can wrestle with him, you gotta throw his wrestling out the window. I'm the guy who wrestled in junior college. He's the guy who wrestled in the Olympics. If he gets taken down by a junior college kid, that's not gonna look too cool." So Dan, can Jon Jones wrestle with you?
Henderson: I've been taken down in MMA fights by guys who have never wrestled. We're not in a wrestling mat. If we were to strap on the wrestling shoes and get on a wrestling mat, I'd beat him up. But that's not what we're doing. You use your wrestling to get in a good position, and work off of your wrestling. It's something I feel I've used very well in my career, but at times I've been a little too anxious to knock a guy out and left myself open to being taken down by someone who'd never wrestled. It's part of the sport...

8/21/12 11:50:25PM
Dan Henderson is a fantastic example for all professional athletes. I can't remember myself ever disagreeing with the guy (not that I would want to). I can wait to see him put on a good show vs Jones.
8/22/12 3:13:41AM
hendo calls it like he see's it. just another reason he's a REAL legend of the sport. the dude has fought everybody there ever was to fight.
8/22/12 4:13:51AM
Hendo would destroy Jones in a greco match, freestyle, maybe another story though
8/22/12 2:28:13PM
love me some Hendo.
8/22/12 4:54:54PM
Class act
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