UFC 82: Dan Henderson Interview (video)

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2/22/08 10:19:02PM
about a 30 min interview divided into 4 parts

2/22/08 10:56:56PM
good interview.

im now 100% convinced dan henderson will walk away with the belt!
2/22/08 11:54:49PM
thanx for the link. Totaly convinced that dangerous/hollywood dan will win the fight. I like hollywood henderson better .......just a thought
2/23/08 5:19:34AM
i lost all confidence when he couldn beat rampage

anderson silva is going to be the first guy to KO hendo
2/23/08 5:57:11AM

Weakness on the ground as far as being submitted several times in the past

They both have 2 losses to sub, Granted, both of Dan's are against lil Nog, but who does he think Anderson got his BJJ black belt from?
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