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7/15/08 10:39:03AM
UFC & Pride veteran Akihiro Gono

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7/15/08 11:04:45AM
Wow, that will be tough for him. It will be an absolute scrap. I'm very surprised they gave him someone so tough.
7/15/08 11:27:11AM
Wow, this will be a great fight. As the above poster said, I'm surprised they gave Hardy someone so tough as a first fight. I thought they would bring him up slow since he's a good prospect, but it's a great test to see if Hardy is ready for the competition in the UFC.
7/15/08 11:29:39AM
I think Gono is going to take this one.
7/15/08 1:11:10PM
Gono via sub in round 2, MASUKI BANCE

7/15/08 4:41:00PM
I see Gono Countering well and scoring with Monster kicks throughout the fight and then ending late in the second with either a big right hand or a sub, I'd say another armbar or a triangle. Hardy is the definition of hardnosed fighter, he's very tough, extremely confident, and definitely has skill and great potential. But Gono is one of the greatest MMA fighters out there when he's on, and he's my dark horse pick to snatch the WW title in the next few years. I know GSP is a freak, Thiago is steamrolling everyone, and the big wrestlers like Kos and Hughes pose him serious problems stylistically, but he's so dangerous and looks great at this weight. Call it crazy, a long shot, or anything else, but I have a creeping possibly delusional feeling he'll have a big shiny belt before he leaves the UFC.

Best of luck to Dan on what will surely be a great continuing career, and War Akihiro!
7/15/08 4:50:46PM
Gono wins easy
7/15/08 6:28:32PM
I had Hardy and Yoshida at about the same level before they came into the UFC. They give Yoshida Jon Koppenhaver but Hardy gets Gono?

I think Yoshida has more potentia so they might just be taking it slow with himl but talk about throwing the new guy to the lions.
7/15/08 6:38:44PM
I'm surprised their throwing hardy to the wolves so early. I think he's gettin subbed in this fight.
7/15/08 7:53:37PM
Great match!
7/17/08 12:36:15PM
hardy takes it believe me my hometown boy is for real
7/17/08 12:42:55PM

Posted by Franklinfan47

I'm surprised their throwing hardy to the wolves so early. I think he's gettin subbed in this fight.

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