Dan Hardy talks Michael Bisping KO

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9/4/09 11:22:02AM
"Everyone’s been down on the U.K. for a little while, and I think that’s partly due to the fact that the British fans are so vocal about the British fighters because it’s such a new thing for us. We haven’t had any fighters that can compete at that level."

9/4/09 11:32:44AM
Hardy has definitely got the wrong impression. i dont like seeing guys like him or Taylor or Kelly lose. But Micheal was talking way out of line for sometime now and he deserved to be KOd and laughed at.

9/4/09 12:43:18PM
The UK obviously have a good talent pool there and that they are developing, for pete's sake Rampage was training at Wolfslair (still?) I think his comments just made it sweet for the fans to see him knocked off his high horse.
9/4/09 1:56:56PM
I defintely watched it just to see Bisping's mouth get shut. Dan's taking this the wrong way, all right.
9/4/09 7:33:58PM
I cant wait to see him fight Kang, it should be a war!!
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