Dan Hardy Would Love to Face ‘Blood Thirsty Kill Freak’ Matt Hughes

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3/18/12 4:59:22PM
Former UFC welterweight champion and Hall of Famer Matt Hughes may have a lot of lifetime fans, but don’t count Dan Hardy among them.

The British born fighter first ran afoul of Hughes last year when the former champion posted pictures on Twitter of his latest hunting trip where he killed a bobcat. The pictures spurned a lot of responses both positive and negative for Hughes’ hunting for sport, and his response was pretty firm on how he felt about it all.

3/18/12 5:31:05PM
hardy doesnt know when he's wasting his time. calling out hughes IMO wont get him anywhere, bitching about his hunting trophy's wont get him anywhere. hardy needs to worry about keeping his job as a ufc fighter.
3/18/12 5:46:05PM
It's 2012, calling out Hughes is like calling out Vanderlay, both are pointless.
3/18/12 6:27:10PM
Dan is trying to be smart here. Hughes is a massive name in mma, and even in his twilight, has the star power to put Dan over, in a much less risky fight than it would have been a while back. Lets not underestimate Hughes' ability to win this fight though if it happens.
3/18/12 7:34:55PM
For a guy with 4 straight losses he shouldn't be calling anyone out
3/18/12 7:39:55PM
Penn and Koscheck finished Hughes with punches. I doubt he will be eager to keep it standing in his next fight and IMO Hardy is better off sticking clear of wrestlers.
3/18/12 9:22:39PM
Yeah, guys all seem to wanna get a hand on Hughes now that he's on the last leg of his career. He's still a good fighterf but like many before him, his chin isn't what it used to be, and for a striker like Hardy, he knows all he needs is a clean shot and it could be lights out. unfortunately for Hardy, a win over Hughes at this point really doesn't boost his resume much in my eyes. He would have to win a few more against guys in their prime for me to think he's back on track.
3/18/12 10:29:45PM
Everybody already said it but I would like to add - Hughes is still a badass and I bet he would put on a wrestling clinic against Hardy and finish him.
3/19/12 1:26:15PM
i hope Hardy isn't looking past his upcoming fight
3/19/12 6:16:09PM


This guy is calling someone a freak?
3/20/12 1:38:37AM
Are you still here Dan Hardy?

This guy is like the shit stain in my undies that wont come out no matter how much bleach i dump on it
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