Dan Hardy looks to finish Akihiro Gono in round two

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10/13/08 1:20:21PM
“I anticipate playing a little cat-and-mouse chase for a little while. Brawling is not my style, so I’ll look to chip away at him and slow him down gradually. I’m not looking for a KO right away. It would be ignorant of me to think that I can just go out and knock him out straight away, but by around the midway point of the second round, I’ll have him at a point where I’ll be looking to finish him.”

– Team Rough House fighter Dan Hardy talks to Sherdog.com about his journey to the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) and what he expects when he makes his debut against Akihiro Gono at UFC 89: “Bisping vs. Leben” at The National Indoor Arena (NIA) in Birmingham, England, on October 18. The welterweight bout will headline the untelevised portion of the preliminary card; however, if it does finish fast the viewers at home will hopefully be treated to one of the better fights on the card.

10/13/08 1:28:37PM
I'm pullin' for ya, Dan!!!
10/13/08 1:32:41PM
Aw i thought this fight was going to be on the main card?!

Damn that sucks.
10/13/08 3:44:31PM
This should be good, I'm picking Gono but putting Hardy on the parlay. Hardy seems to have trouble with the upper eshalon (spelling?) of fighters but could very well win, however Gono is a tough s.o.b. who took some of Shogun's best and kept fighting on until soccer kicked.
10/14/08 1:14:16AM
Gono will be the best hardy has faced and i think Gono will get the win.

Hardy has been improving well these past few years though and i think he will be one of the few British fighters to make it in the UFC.
10/14/08 8:05:22PM
War Hardy. I have him in my parlay. I am going for broke. His line put it up to a 11K payoff. i am really pulling for it. i think his game plan is very solid. he needs to keep it on the feet for the most part though.
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