Dan Hardy Approached For UFC 95

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11/21/08 7:18:43PM
I am watching Ultimate Talk on Setanta and the one bloke who seems to know what he is talking about said he has just been talking to UFC and they confirmed they have approached Dan Hardy to fight at UFC 95. Obviously I cant post a link as it's on UK TV.
11/21/08 7:32:55PM
he will probably face paul kelly or taylor next
11/21/08 8:11:11PM
He would beat either of those imo. I feel the UFC might groom Hardy to appear in the events that Bisping can't. Such as 95, Bisping will be tied up with TUF. A smart marketing move yet again as Hardy is a likeable bloke.
11/21/08 11:35:18PM
Matt Brown or Stun Gun would make good opponents.
11/22/08 10:13:02AM
I think he'll face Paul Taylor as he has also been aproached for UFC 95

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