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1/31/09 1:17:07AM
am I the only one that thinks he has a good shot in this fight??

I thought the kid looked pretty good on the show, and ever since has been down in Florida training full time at American Top Team. Sure on the ground he will be at a disadvantage, but training everyday with those guys had to make an improvement on his game....

1/31/09 9:13:23AM
I am not convinced, I have him getting subbed in round 1. No disrespect but he will be out of his depth starting in the UFC IMO.
1/31/09 11:31:31AM
Plus its Cramer's first pro fight and its in the UFC.

Arroyo by armbar.
1/31/09 3:01:07PM
Dan Cramer is an athlete. he will win this fight. does anyone have a link to watch this fight online?
1/31/09 6:03:56PM
im going with arroyo but sub rd 2. i think cramer will need a little more exp
1/31/09 6:11:12PM
I think it's worth noting that Cramer was originally scheduled to face Cale Yarbrough, but he had to pull out due to a broken collarbone. That was the Ultimate Finale which was around June of last year, so I am going with the assumption that he hasn't had as much time at ATT as you would think. I'm giving him a punchers chance, but that's it.
1/31/09 10:25:29PM
freaking cramer killed me. Won by SD and I put arroyo in my parlay to try and win big.
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