DaMarques Johnson Signs Multi-Fight UFC Contract

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7/7/09 1:35:45AM
Popular TUF 9 welterweight finalist DaMarques Johnson and has signed a multi-fight contract with the UFC. The news comes courtesy of The Salt Lake Tribune.

Johnson is coming off a solid overall showing during his time on Spike TV's The Ultimate Fighter Season 9. The Jeremy Horn trained fighter made his way to the TUF 9 welterweight final before being stopped by James Wilks via first round submission.

7/7/09 3:44:00AM
Not suprised at all by this, he's a decent figher, hopefully he doesn't become another Vinny.
7/7/09 7:12:58AM
Sorry, way off topic, but does anyone know why my account would say I only have $1000 available in My Wagers page when I should have over $2000. My wagers history and Game history confirm I should have $2260 available. Thanks for any help
7/7/09 7:18:07AM
LOL because a new season starts with ufc 100 silly. We all have 1000.
7/7/09 9:28:49AM
new season starts everyone is tied at number 1 right now

johnson got owned in that fight, i was dissapointed, he is way over rated, cocky, i think the ufc will probably give him a cameron dollar or dent next probably at fight night
7/7/09 1:07:07PM
Yeah he didn't look overly impressive at TUF9, even though everyone and their momma had him winning the contract. Sadness.
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