DaMarques Johnson, a class act!

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11/13/11 8:58:12AM
I personally like Johnson, win or lose he is normally exciting to watch, but the reason I posted was to say I liked the way he stopped throwing punches once he realised Harvison was out!

Props to Johnson!
11/13/11 10:18:58AM
I like his weigh in poses. He's just out to have a good time, and crack some skulls.
11/13/11 10:32:18AM
Wasnt the biggest fan of him during his TUF run but The Darkness has grown on me! His stare downs are always funny
11/13/11 12:04:31PM
Seems like a great guy. What did he say about the stoppage? Something like "no reason to be a d****."
11/13/11 12:07:18PM
Yea, basically he didn't what to hit him unnecessarily!
11/14/11 2:18:08AM
i always like seeing guys hold back if thy know the dude is out, but most of the time its better to throw a few more until the ref steps in, gotta get the win and i know that if/when somebody KO's my ass in cage id expect them to throw until the end. fighters understand the game so nobody gets to pissed
11/14/11 12:01:53PM
Yeah, I've always been a fan. He's a classy guy. Love how he stops punching after guy is knocked out.
11/14/11 12:10:07PM
Agreed. Make sure you read the interview he did with MMAPlayground!

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