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9/30/07 6:11:18PM
the cowboys win again to move 4-0, great game for the cowboys, they won 35-7. what did you all think about the game
9/30/07 8:29:27PM
didnt get to watch but from espn an from nfl website looked like a great game romo exploding again second half an comin thru with the win an another WR gettin some action
10/1/07 1:08:14AM
looks like not to many cowboys fans on atm but i think they are all happy they won
10/1/07 4:56:33PM
I am extremely happy with the win....... My team is on fire right now!!!!

10/1/07 5:01:48PM
Finally the Falcons win!
10/1/07 5:12:44PM
Dallas this year is just insane. Jerry's gonna regret not giving Romo the big bucks.

By the way, what was up with Culpepper yesterday? Not even 100 total yards but 5 TOTAL TDs?!? I'd like some of what he was on!
10/5/07 4:24:14AM
Dallas is the best team in the NFC IMO , no doubt. We'll see if they are the best in the NFL when they paly the patriots in week 6. As for Cullpepper. The Dolpins D is banged up and can't stop the run. As team Oakland rushed for 299 yds.. Dante only passed the ball 12 times. He had 6 completions , 2 TD's and he ran in 3 himself. I agree it's a strange line, but still great for fantasy football.
10/5/07 6:09:30AM
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