Dai Vs. McGruff the Crime Dog

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2/9/07 8:50:00PM
The battle was short but fierce.

Show that bastard not to try and take a bite out of anything.
2/9/07 10:22:32PM
i see your homosexual youtube attempt and raise you MY homosexual attempt at youtube

i won't get into heaven because of this
2/9/07 11:48:43PM
Whenever the words raise and homosexual are in the same sentence I am wary enough not view your homsexual competition. That being said maybe you guys should have Elton John do the background music to your grudgematch, just a suggestion
2/10/07 7:59:23AM
The hell?

I'm sorry, but beating up a beloved police anti-drug mascot is about the most ungay thing you can possibly video tape.

So there.
2/10/07 4:21:00PM
dai that dog looked like he was about to choke u out.... ufc should look at this match
2/10/07 5:34:09PM
Dai. Congrats now my mind is spinnign as i wonder how you managed to beat up a stuffed animal. At least take on your shadow next time.

PS ( I know your cats are to extreme to fight)
2/10/07 7:38:55PM
2/10/07 8:15:11PM
i know you won. But that dog took a fairl easy take down on ya.
2/12/07 1:34:38PM
the other fight you have posted on u tube, that was a great arm bar, i thought it was over when you where in a choke but nice arm bar