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2/26/07 10:53:30PM
My name is Brad aka Daddio507 & I live here in NC. I was at UFC #3 here in Charlotte, NC and have been a HUGE fan ever since. I knew then that the UFC was gonna be HUGE. It did take way longer than I thought though. As far as my favorite fighters I will always be a Royce Gracie fan. I also enjoy Tim Sylvia, Babalu, Nick Diaz, Mike Swick, Diego Sanchez, BJ Penn, Karo Parisyan, and of course Chuck Liddell.
I am very interested in due to the fantasy but now that I'm here and looking around I like it all. Very cool site.
Holla anytime if anyone wants to wager and/or just chat MMA. You can ck me out at myspace too at:

1) I live in NC
2) UFC is my main interest however I love all MMA
3) ck me out in my profile I enjoy a ton of diff. kinds of fighters

2/27/07 2:39:56PM
Hey Daddio!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We have been in need of a Daddio around here!!!!!!

Good luck to you this season.........
3/1/07 5:54:06PM
thx. good luck 2 u as well.
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