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10/8/08 7:21:33PM
Rich Franklin's first major starring role is this action film from 2007, in which Franklin plays I.S.A.A.C., who is the first prototype of a confidential "human weapon" program who goes on the run from secret military agents. And quickly runs into Deputy Lindsay Rearden (Tiffani Thiessen), who quickly becomes his aide/hostage on the run from and then against the people who actually created him.

The problems are obvious from the start: This is supposed to be an action/adventure flick but, except for the first couple minutes and at times in the last 15 minutes it's missing one important thing: action. There are only roughly 4-5 fight scenes in the whole film and don't expect any hints of MMA stuff like there was in a couple scenes of Scorpion King 2 (Randy Couture's film), but at least Franklin gets lots of screen time although his character is too generic for his own good, so don't expect any charisma, witty lines, etc. At least Thiessen is still hot and worth staring at even though she's getting older now and is stuck wearing way too heavy clothing. Then again, this was filmed in Canada. The plot also tends to be too slow most of the way and feels more like a drama or mystery than an action film.

I can give Ace a bit of a free pass for this lackluster performance here just because it's his acting debut, but as he said before he does need to stick to MMA for now, as well as getting better roles. This one's not totally his fault, but this is just too boring and generic a debut role for him. Rent it if you must see it, but don't buy it without watching it first. Oh, and it does look like Franklin put on some weight for this role, and a few inches in the midsection too. If you're not a fan of Franklin or of MMA guys trying acting, skip this one. At least I only lost $10 buying it from iTunes instead of $20+ on the DVD.

Rating (1-10): 4.
10/9/08 3:57:40PM
Thanks for the heads up.
10/10/08 1:36:56AM
I actually liked the movie. wish there had been more action but not bad for franklins 1st movie. I'd buy it. I give it a 6.5 out of 10
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