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2/9/09 4:24:12PM
Cristiane “Cyborg” Santos agreed to a world-exclusive, four-fight deal over the weekend with the promotion, which landed a multi-year agreement last week to broadcast up to 16 events a year on Showtime, along with an additional four shows on CBS.

2/9/09 4:35:23PM
good ole beauty and the beast fight! offense tho.....i think this would be caranos toughest test, for the most part she has been facing grapplers, while cyborg can grapple, her bread and butter is the same as caranos.....both are profiecent and technially sound on the feet, grappling is about even too, i think caranos is underated and cyborg has an impressive resume for a purple belt in that department.......i think it would be a slugfest to a decison with carano outpointing her...maybe even split decision
2/9/09 4:57:08PM
I spoke, they listened! Obviously very excited about this, it just might happen, and sooner rather than later!
2/9/09 4:57:55PM
Cyborg scares me, WAR GINA
2/9/09 5:09:27PM
Gina better be ready.
2/9/09 5:20:06PM
Cyborg is one tough women but I think Gina will take this one in the end.
2/9/09 10:10:18PM
This fight shouldn't be the first bout ether has under the Strikeforce banner. I'm sure they've got a great business model- And part of that model will be creating stars.

I'd venture to guess that they'll both have multi fight deals and that this fight won't happen until each of them as had at least two opponents on televised cards. It's all a matter of building a brighter star to help brand your promotion.

This fight is bound to happen. But I would be suprised if it's anytime in the immediate future.
2/10/09 1:11:16AM
I can't wait for this fight to happen.

This won't be close at all imo though, i think Gina will run through Santos
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