'Cyborg' drug denial sticks to familiar script

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4/1/12 9:32:55PM
The unknown persons responsible for encouraging Cristiane Santos to take steroids have been eliminated.

That’s her word: "eliminated."

This according to the former Strikeforce women’s featherweight champion herself in a video statement released this week, roughly 10 days before she’ll appeal a one-year suspension for a positive drug test after her Dec. 17 win over Hiroko Yamanaka at an event in San Diego.

As mea culpa videos go, this one is actually pretty good. A genuinely remorseful-sounding Cyborg acknowledges her mistake, says she knows it is her responsibility to monitor the supplements she takes during training and references the hit to her reputation in the wake of the positive test.

Her words are obviously scripted, but don’t come off overly rehearsed. She doesn’t read from a prepared statement; at least, not one we can see. In any case, she speaks for a little less than three minutes and since it’s all in Portuguese with English subtitles, it ultimately might be difficult for non-speakers of that language to gauge her sincerity.

4/1/12 10:53:46PM
I'm not real big on the 'someone else' gave me PED's excuse...but, has anyone considered the possibility that it was her husband? After all, he's the only that I'm aware of that's been removed from her life since the incident. Not to mention, he's someone close enough for her to trust with something like that. I don't know that I would believe that, but it's an interesting thought.
4/2/12 10:02:17AM
She could say that my Husband has been secretly giving me steroids in my cereal for years. Like that Ukranian father did to his son "Little Hercules"
4/3/12 2:59:08AM
It's better to Deny than it is to Admit. The AC's are 1000% more likely to cut the suspension. All fighters should deny it, even if their lying.
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