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10/15/08 4:40:15AM

Cris Cyborg aggressive style was a great surprise for the American crowd, who loved to see the Brazilian fighter in action inside EliteXC’s octagon. After two victories, the Chute Boxe athlete now might face Gina Carano, the experience and undefeated fighter, who’s pointed as the major representative of the American female MMA. After seven fights in career, both might face each other in the octagon, and the expected fight is in works for February of 2009.

“I think it’ll be in February, and it’ll be cool. Everybody wanna see this fight, we both fight on the last event and won, and it’ll be great”, said, imagining how the fight would be. “I’ll keep my Muay Thai like I did in my last fights. I’ll stand with her, and I think she likes it too, so why not? It’ll be a huge fight and someone is going down”, analyzes the fighter, keeping an eye on the EliteXC belt: “they didn’t say if it’s going to be for the belt, but I think it’ll be”.

Facing Carano would be the biggest challenge in Cyborg’s career, but the Brazilian fighter doesn’t wanna steal her representative place in the MMA world. “She’s the MMA face out there (laughs), and I don’t wanna steal her place… She can be MMA face, I’ll build my place everyday”, said the fighter, who wants to frustrate Carano’s possible plans in a model career. “I’ll upset a little her model career (laughs)… It’ll be a war and she knows it, someone is going down for sure”, finished the athlete.
10/15/08 2:01:57PM
This will be an awesome fight.
Carano is the popular pick,but I think Cyborg will prove not only to have the heart not to go down,but will throw bombs back at Carano that she has never seen before.
I think this will come down to who has the most heart,imo.
10/16/08 11:45:58AM
this fight should be the main event....
10/16/08 2:00:18PM
Great matchup. If Gina takes this fight to the ground she'll win. On the feet... not so sure. Cyborg is a man of the feet. No seriously, I think I might have seen a satchel.
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