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10/31/07 9:44:41AM
I'm a 15 year old high school wrestler. No matter what iv'e dont i can't make 160 pounds. I'm currently 167, 165 on a good day. I can't go higher than that no matter what I eat. But i can't go lower. I need to make 160 fast.

Any real fast ways to make that weight?
10/31/07 11:05:10AM
depending on how close to your fight it may want to look up "the velocity diet"
I really dont suggest being on it within a week of your actual fight as its pretty hard on your system and will leave you a bit weaker than usual, but it does take weight off and fast.

Complexes are a good thing to incorporate into your workout routine also....they strip you of fat while keeping muscle

go to and try the workouts of the day for a couple of weeks and that'll take a couple of pounds off you too

11/3/07 6:15:33PM
how BIT weaker are we talking?
11/4/07 11:24:25AM
how tall are you? Are you 6"0 and lean or 5"5 and a tank? You body composition can make a big difference. IF most of your body is skin and bones its harder to cut weight. IF you have a more muslce/fat its easier to cut.
11/4/07 5:06:03PM
My advice is for you to just ask older guys on the team what they do to cut weight. I gaurante at least one of them does so get advice from them and you really have to learn with your own body. You will probably lose a few pounds once the season starts anyways.
11/4/07 6:36:20PM
im 6' and lean. i know thta amkes it hard to cut. but it was fat before. now its just muscle
11/8/07 8:38:44PM

Posted by hunterlcs92

im 6' and lean. i know thta amkes it hard to cut. but it was fat before. now its just muscle

You probably have more water weight and fat than you think, I have ripped 6-pack abs (I still gentically store most of my fat on my stomach) and I still got about 5lbs of excess fat on me at 5'8''
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