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4/21/08 11:15:16PM
I don't train but I figured you guys would have the answer to my question

How much weight would you say an amateur cuts and how much a pro cuts? I know everyone is different but if you guys had an idea about how much a fighter should weight a month or a week out of weigh ins i'd like to know
4/22/08 12:13:11AM
Are you inquiring about dropping weight or losing weight. Most athletes drop weight usually at 2lbs per day in a process of 2-3 weeks.
4/22/08 6:21:17PM
cutting weight before a fight

so you think a guy weighs about 40 pounds a month from his fight? wow
4/22/08 11:42:17PM
id say most cut fighters like gsp, franklin, hughes and such usually weigh around 20-30(30 at the most) pounds more naturally before cutting from what i have read about their training

ive never cut weight for a fight before but i have cut weight for wrestling for bout 9 years now i would expect cutting for a fight would be easier since you usually weigh-in the night before and fight the next day allowing for more time to replenish electrolytes and water in wrestling weigh-ins are an hour before competition which is hell when ur cutting 20 plus pounds.

i wouldnt be more than 15-20 lbs over a month out so you can do it somewhat healthy if you workout regularly and have a decent diet then u wont lose much fat at all so most of ur weight will be water mass so the old saying goes more water in more water out so drink more water the first 2 weeks this should help you lose a healthy amount of water weight due to water and sodium retention

after those two weeks i would decrease the amount of water you take in to a little more than half you have been drinking and start cutting out some of your complex carbs about a week and a half out while increasing protein and fiberous vegetables

with a week out start decreasing ur water intake each day and drink 6 oz. of water every 3 hours this should help drain out the rest of the water u retained and jus sweat out the rest if any water weight u need and u need to replenish around 16oz of fluids for everypound you lost in the last week

disclaimer: i am not a professional dietitian or nutritionist and you should take my advice at your own risk . i have been doing this for years and from the professionals i have asked this is by far the healthist way to "cut" weight.

but i hope this could help i would always do this for a trial run before you try it before your actrual fight to see how ur body funtions and feels from cutting
4/24/08 11:05:04PM
For wrestling I usually cut all my weight (water weight) the night before. And believe this I break the cardinal sin of sipping just a little replenishing water into my body while I do it.

Overall I usually cut about 18- 22 pounds for season. (9-11 fat and muscle mass) (6-7 water) and (1-3 food and poopy) I'm pretty scientific with it but this is MY body and this is for wrestling. Just an example.
4/25/08 4:12:05AM
Anderson Silva has quoted that he weighs 212 pounds when he's not fighting. So that's a 37 lb. weight cut. I'm sure he starts dropping about a few weeks out and then water weights the last 5-10 lbs. Guys like Matt Hughes drop a good 30-40 lbs, as well. In Chuck Liddell's book he says when not fighting he weighs in about 225-235.
4/26/08 2:49:18PM
Jack, I think your math is off. 212-185=27.
4/26/08 3:52:25PM

Posted by xenophon

Jack, I think your math is off. 212-185=27.

Haha, so it is. My bad there. You all got the point, though
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