UFC cuts welterweight Brock Larson following UFC 106 loss

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11/25/09 2:48:34PM
With a TKO loss to Brian Foster at this past weekend's UFC 106 event, UFC welterweight Brock Larson will now look for work outside the organization.

The veteran fighter today confirmed with MMAjunkie.com (www.mmajunkie.com) he was cut from the UFC's roster following the Nov. 21 defeat.

Larson leaves the organization with a 26-4 record, which included a 3-3 mark in the UFC and a 4-1 record in the WEC.

11/25/09 2:51:46PM

"It's probably a good thing," Larson stated via text message. "I was having a hard time getting motivated for my last two fights. I needed a change. The undercards just didn't do it for me."

This is pretty brual considering he got beat his last 2 fights and a lot of fighters would kill just to be on the undercard. I'm sort of glad he's gone, as selecting him for the last two fights for "Round 1 Submission" has gotten me a grand total of ZERO points.

11/25/09 3:27:34PM
Larson should have won those two fights but maybe he had some issues if he couldnt get motivated or something. Hopefully he gets back on track somewhere.
11/25/09 3:33:28PM
He had his chance. He had two horrible performances with alot of illegal shots.

Time for him to go back to the drawing board.
11/25/09 3:53:14PM
Im not to surprised!
11/25/09 4:01:57PM
I like Larson but the fact that he landed two illegal blows is questionable however to play devil's advocate was that much different then what KOS did?
11/25/09 4:09:57PM
Tough weekend for the Minnesota Martial Arts Academy guys. Larson losses, and gets cut, and Jacob Volkmann takes a loss as well. Maybe Nik Lentz will fair better in a couple weeks.
11/25/09 4:59:22PM
Really hate to say I called it after 106. The dude deserved so much better, but I've got a feeling he'll be back again.
11/25/09 5:00:26PM
Well to be honest the last illegal blow could happen to a lot of people. I didnt know if the opponent had their hand on the mat that they were considered a downed opponent. Granted I've never it happen before.
11/25/09 5:31:34PM
Not too surprising. Despite a fantastic record, he just doesn't seem to be ready for this level. It seems that if you come forward and get Larson backpedaling, he tends to freeze up, and let the aggressor take over--for some reason that just seems to be his achiles.
11/25/09 8:21:21PM
I can sympathize with the lack of motivation. I have gone through it and am going through it again right now. You don't have to be a professional athlete to experience it, but I can imagine that it is even worse if it is your career. It's like not wanting to get out of bed to go to work.

At least he accepts it and it sounds like he is willing to address it.
11/26/09 1:40:36AM
He should have won his last two fights...I was shocked when he didn't. Hopefullyk, he'll be back.
11/26/09 12:37:15PM
He's not very well rounded and when his wrestling doesn't work he becomes a fish out of the water. Foster put on the performance of his career and even slammed Brock down brutally. If he's not motivated to come back after a loss and doesn't seem disappointed he gout cut then he should be in the UFC.
11/27/09 10:10:36AM
losing to 2 fighters who are fairly new
i was also shocked
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