UFC Cuts 2 Fighters Today

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2/9/09 8:25:19PM
That's mess up they both would never be champions but were fun to watch. Why cut them when you keep guys like M. Guillard around.
2/9/09 8:27:27PM
that sucks. rich was fun to watch
2/9/09 8:27:31PM
rich wins 4 straight in the ufc drops his next two and gets cut?? why??

luigi won his last bout loses this one gets cut why??

sad to see them both go
2/9/09 8:39:59PM
In all fairness to Rich, IMO Maynard and Tibau are a couple of the biggest LW's in the UFC. I'm sure we'll see him around again sometime.
2/9/09 8:47:19PM
That's right, Rich will be back.
2/9/09 8:47:34PM
You also have to take in to account that some of WEC's WW are moving over to the UFC. This is such a stacked weight class and 2 losses in a row that are not to top ten fighters is devastating unless your a very exciting fighter to watch.
2/9/09 10:08:17PM
Damn...I like both fighters. I understand completely why they axed them.
Maybe they will go to the minors, stack up some victories and try the UFC again down the road.
Each of their last losses were big disappointments...to me and obviously the UFC as well...but most of all to the fighters themselves.
Maybe they can hook up with Strikeforce!
2/10/09 12:35:24AM
They also cut Houston Alexander but look what happened to him.
2/10/09 1:02:37AM

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Why Rich? He's fun to watch.

1-2 in a row rule. Saturday was his 2nd loss in a row. And when you look at #2, this one really plays a part.

So what happens when Joe Daddy loses to Deigo? That's 3 in a row.

It will be 2 in a row.

2/10/09 7:38:42AM
That kind of blows. Both guys were fun to watch. Firovanti just needed to drop to 155 he was too small for 170. Clementi was a cocky guy but a good fighter. I thought he'd be in competition for the title there for awhile also and its not like he last two loses were against chumps. Tibau and Maynard are serious competitors.
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