UFC has cut Babalu's contract

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8/30/07 7:56:57PM
I am totally against this decision. Babalu is an exciting fighter and he had a pretty bad game plan in his previous 2 fights but he looked amazing in this one. This just plain sucks!
8/30/07 8:30:47PM

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It's harsh, but it's fair.

If its fair, where is B.J. Penn's release?

EXACT same scenario.

(BTW, look at my av, Im a huge Penn fan, but I still say that if one, then the other. (and dozens more, dating back 50 shows, lol)

He is their example. Its a shame, but he shouldve been smarter than that.

Penn didn't hold the choke after the ref stopped the fight. Jens tapped and it took the ref a second to realize it. Penn released the hold as soon as the ref stepped in.

Penn didn't, like Babalu, hang on for dear life to put him out while the ref was trying to pry him off.

So it was not even close to the same scenario.

I do think it sucks that he got his contract taken away, but thats what he gets.

have u even seen the fight!?! sobral did not hold on for dear life, he let go 3 secs after the tap. jens pulver may not have passed out but he also didnt lose a pint of blood like heath did which is the biggest difference between the two. it was very close to the same scenario, sobral made eye contact with mazigatti and let go like two seconds after... why is this such a completely different situation than penn vs pulver?

Yes I did see that bloody beatdown, I wouldn't post on this thread otherwise. When u have the ref step in to stop the fight, you look him dead in the eyes, and in instead of let go you increase pressure, yes that is hanging on for dear life. Did you even see it???? Steve was prying at his arms after a sec of tapping sobral to stop; and he was prying for a good three seconds. Benn stopped when the ref stepped in. You see the difference now?
8/30/07 8:33:36PM

Posted by kevietre

If somebody wore a shirt with Dana White's mugshot on it im sure he wouldnt be too happy.

Does Dana White have a mugshot?

If so I'm going to make some money.
8/30/07 8:47:40PM
I like Babalu, but Dana's actions were definitely rational. Look at his marketing behind the sport, hes trying to prove that it ISN'T barbaric like that, which is the same reason he gave a harsh treatment to the guys who got in a fight on TUF. It looks bad for the mainstream audience.
8/30/07 10:58:05PM
Bad to hear this after his really nice performance on Saturday and it's worse if you look at the LHW Division, since it's so packed the hope of having him back sometime it's really far.
8/31/07 1:04:29AM
dana white is crazy.babalu is a great fighter he made a mistake thats it
8/31/07 2:11:51AM
if you want to see what happened in the babalu fight
go here
http://www.megavideo.com/?v=49FKDB2O[/L] http://www.megavideo.com/?v=49FKDB2O
8/31/07 4:35:05AM
I just saw it on sportsnet, and because of this I think the UFC will gain more fans. It shows that they want to protect their fighters and it's not as some people see it "glorified bar fight". So for once I'm very happy with Dana's decision. Sorry babalu fans, he screwed up and deserves exactly what he got, you can choke a guy out after he taps, this isn't a bar fight.
8/31/07 10:38:36AM
if anything when Penn did it he squeezed harder and longer after the tap out. Penn should be suspended too
8/31/07 11:15:47AM
I love Babalu he was one of the fighters that got me hardcore into the sport back when he won the IFC title

but what he did was a bunch of bull it is vary bad for the sport to have a guy do that to someone there should be harsh actions taken what stops him form killing that guy
if that fight didnt have that it could have made the PPV it was a great beatdown untill that I will miss seeing Babalu fight in the UFC but im sure we will see him soon in eliteXC
8/31/07 7:49:12PM
im glad babalu is gone. he acted like an idiot and dana made the right decision to get rid of him. hell i would of get rid of him a long time ago. he had no reason to do that to david heath and i think its stupid that babalus reason is that " he disrespected him." its time for babalu to move onto a sport like volleyball or tennis or something. adios babalu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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