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5/16/10 1:19:26AM
i need to cut this in about 3 weeks what should be the proper way to do this cuz i have never cut weight b4
5/16/10 1:46:38AM
Know any wrestlers......seriously they could walk you through a 6-11 pound cut very easily. It's basically all about losing water weight through the sana room.....brutal but effective. Get in sweats and do some jumping jacks in there to get sweating real good and just relax....the weight will iterally drip off. Be very careful doing this though, have a buddy supervise and watch out for you as this is your first time, it can be a little dangerous if you don't know what your doing.
By the way why all the weight careful bro, changing your weight all the time is bad for your heart. Literally!
5/16/10 1:58:27AM
the last fight i was going to have i didnt get my coach ended up takeing it but i walk aroud at about 145 and eat like S*** and my fight is going to eather going to be at 140 or 135 so just trying to get some pointers
5/16/10 2:00:22AM I said just be careful....the weight cut may be harder for you than heavier guys. Even a high school level wrestler can most likely show you the ropes. Good luck!
5/16/10 2:05:21AM
thanks alot man
5/16/10 11:45:03AM
Do you know your body fat %? If it is hight enough you can lose that weight real easy. Just do your Cardio and keep your calorie intacke down. Eat lots of plants keep your protine intake to shakes. Remember 1 apple is 100 calories there isn't much out there you can eat for 100 caloires that will help fill you up and fuel. Iceburg lettuce has almost no calories so you can eat alot feel full without the sacrfice. If you need to drop water weight sauna will do it. A hot bath won't be as effective but I have done it that way. Suck on hard candy unless you use snuff and spit your saliva out.I would try to drop as many pounds as you can over the next 2 weeks so the water cut is low.
5/17/10 2:03:28AM
drink a lot of fluid throughout the day, and just work your ass of in the lighter foods, cut out salts and fried foods. you need to cut down on solid food consumption overall, focus mainly on electrolytes and fluid.

Eat a lot of pasta.

I'd be able to help you a bit more in person, but I don't know how to explain my weight cutting techniques, i just do them.
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