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POLL: Which fight would be most competitive?
Mark Coleman Vs Cain Velasquez 4% (1)
Frank Shamrock Vs Jon Jones 11% (3)
Dave Menne Vs Anderson Silva 0% (0)
Pat Miletich Vs GSP 33% (9)
Jens Pulver Vs Frankie Edgar 52% (14)
5/4/11 12:23:06PM
As the title suggests, which current UFC champion vs the very first UFC Champion, which fight would be most competitive?

I'm not talking about the fight happening in each fighters Prime, I'm talking about if they were to comeback and fight right now.

Mark Coleman last fight February 6, 2010
Frank Shamrock last fight April 11, 2009
Dave Menne last fight April 24, 2010
Pat Miletich last fight December 11, 2008
Jens Pulver last fight March 5, 2011

I know none of them would be super competitive, but which one could be closest?

For me i personally feel Frank Shamrock is always dangerous. Mark Coleman has no hope, Dave Menne might be able to survive a 5 round dance with Anderson, Pat has a big chance, but only in his prime. Jens Pulver might be training recently and I'm no nuthugger of Edgars, but I know Edgar would decimate him. So for me its a toss up of any of the 4 other than Coleman
5/4/11 12:32:06PM
I said Edgar vs Pulver. He's the only one still fighting even though he probably shouldn't be.
5/4/11 2:32:21PM
I was thinking Shamrock would be the most dangerous at this point in their careers, but then I realized he would be fighting Jones, and any hopes of him winning just flew out the window. He wouldn't be able to touch Jones if guys like Shogun, Bader, and Hamill couldn't hurt him, much less beat him. In the end I had to choose Pat.
5/4/11 5:07:51PM
These would all be senseless slaughters...
5/4/11 5:10:03PM
Ya Menne would have the best chance he'd last 5 with Silva .... lmao
5/4/11 6:07:51PM
I think a prime Pulver could put up a close fight with Frankie.
5/4/11 6:41:20PM
I was gonna say Pulver as well but then I remembered, Pulver is horrible on the ground.
5/4/11 6:58:10PM
Those are all horrible match ups lol each and everyone one of those past champions would get beaten down.
5/5/11 3:47:08AM
Throw out Coleman and put in Bas Rutten and there's my pick! Bas was one of the only fighters of that era who was anywhere close to being the complete package. Dangerous with submissions, and extremely dangerous on his feet and using his feet. God forbid he go old school and start throwing palm strikes! lol

I'd say out of the match ups there though, here it is. Menne is going to get absolutely murdered by Silva. I'm talking Silva will have to go to trial and everything. It would be very very bad.

The same thing could be said of Coleman vs Cain. Seriously? At this point in Coleman's career, not only would Cain get put on trial for murder, he would be convicted and sentenced to life in prison, possibly even death for murder in the first degree. That fight would be competitive until the stare down was over, and that is it.

Shamrock would be doomed against Jon Jones. We're talking GIR from Invader Zim singing the doom song, doomed. (I would seriously consider giving props to anyone who knows what the hell I'm even talking about with that reference).

Being that GSP is chasing down John Fitch's title of the decisionist decisioner who ever decisioned, I got to say that Pat actually has a chance of surviving 5 rounds in this one. It won't be competitive, but he'll survive.

Pulver's best days passed him by a long time ago. Possibly around the time that he fought Gomi. They were definitely behind him when he fought Lauzon. Puvler's game fighting off his back is definitely lacking. A fight between him and Edgar would be more competitive than Shamrock vs. Jones, or Coleman vs Cain, or Silva vs Menne, and possibly slightly more competitive than Pat vs GSP, but his chances of survival are lower than Pat's are, so I guess that being said if you're going off of chances for survival, pat gets my vote.
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