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4/26/09 10:33:31AM
they took the vera match out

penn vs florian
griffin vs silva
amir vs hendricks for sure

last 2 bouts as it looks right now could be

almeida vs grove
and neer vs pellegrino

not the card i was hoping it's pretty much a lock with the whole card done

wild card is howard vs mccrory
4/26/09 1:05:24PM
Ive just looked at the 11 fights, those 5 u have picked are by far the best 5.

I see that being the main card.
4/26/09 2:05:56PM
That's probably the card, maybe Sakara vs Palhares replaces a fight. It's a pretty solid card, surprisingly since it comes in the wake of UFC 100. Neer vs Pellegrino looks like an early Fight of the Night candidate.
4/26/09 7:21:56PM
Yea, Neer v Pelligrino will be a war. Neer has looked great in his last 2 fights.
4/27/09 1:19:26AM
i want Palhares vs. Sakara on the main that fight is guaranteed to have a finish
4/27/09 1:17:08PM
Yeah, Palhares via 1st round sub
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