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3/12/07 5:57:04PM
what do you call someone who pays $25 to be on this website?
3/12/07 6:01:02PM
a premium member?
3/12/07 6:03:22PM
A contributor? SLICK wears his emotions on his keyboard keys but I'm not going to get mad at him for giving money to this awesome site.

The biggest mistake I think the mods have made is not giving him a temp ban.
3/12/07 6:03:48PM

Posted by Stickan

a premium member?

My thoughts exactly. But Rick also paid 2 $20 deposits for 1000 fantasy $$ each. So his claim to be the riches is by him spending $20. If this thread is a attempt to make a stab at Rick i suggest you dont do it. You are in a sense talking bad about all the premimum members on here. And they tend to be a good bunch.
3/13/07 7:10:02AM
the thousand was givin back and i love this site so i will donate money to it, i have also donated money to it on the donate side... .... marc ask your mom and dad to hook you up so you may support the site..
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