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2/2/11 11:42:58PM
LAS VEGAS – Hopes that recently elected governor Andrew Cuomo could speed the process of getting MMA to New York were dashed by the recent release of his 2011-2012 budget proposal.

Conspicuously absent from a host of measures that aim to close the state's $10 billion budget deficit is language to legalize the sport.

The news drew frustration today from UFC president Dana White, who said he is "done with predictions in New York."

2/3/11 5:40:16AM
Somebody is waiting for a nice brown envelope full of cash to appear on their desk before MMA gets sanctioned.

2/3/11 1:10:21PM
talk about blowing your load early
looks like ufc doesnt always get what they want
2/3/11 1:47:34PM
Yeah it absolutely makes no sense to host a ufc event to help boost economic growth. New York could be one of, if not the biggest, mma state yet they seem like a bunch of old dinosaurs that refuse to see the potential of mma. Glad Ontario is on board. It took a while but at least they seen the light.
2/3/11 2:41:19PM
It is largely the fault of Bob Reilly.

If you don't like it, tell him. I send him emails from time to time complaining about his support of boxing but his hatred of mma.

If you want to make it easy on yourself, he has a facebook page where he often gloats about how he is keeping mma out of New York. Find him, like him or join him or whatever, and then flame the crap out of him everytime he talks about mma.

I'll help you. . . Assemblymen Bob Reilly. . . go get him
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