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8/24/09 10:53:46AM
Talk to any contender in the Strikeforce middleweight division, and you'll find out pretty quickly that they all agree on one thing: Cung Le needs to defend his title, and he needs to do so sooner rather than later.

When FanHouse spoke to the organization's current 185-pound champion recently, he seemed eager to defend the title he won in March 2008, yet stopped short at saying exactly when that would happen. He also said he would consider vacating the title soon if his schedule doesn't allow him to compete again in the near future. Check out the full video interview below.

8/24/09 11:48:14AM
And people accuse Fedor of ducking fights.

Le should vacate the title now, or have it taken away from him.
8/24/09 1:47:53PM
He better not be done yet, He hasnt even defended the Damn thing. lol
8/24/09 3:02:39PM
I think it should be up to the organization if and when he has to defend or vacate. I personally would make 1 year the time limit if I was in charge. That's long enough to get healthy, defeat a legal problem, and settle financial disputes. If it can't be handled in a year then your taking your life away from fighting by choice, and I would then force the fighter to crap or get off the pot.
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