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POLL: Is Cung Le considered a top 10 middleweight?
Yes 42% (16)
No 58% (22)
3/30/08 12:07:56AM
Who is next in line for Cung Le? Who is next for Frank Shamrock?
3/30/08 4:32:00AM
anyone 6-0 no plus he has no REAL ground game
3/30/08 10:53:34AM
Le is borderline top 10. He's not up there yet, but he could be with one more win. I'm thinking that Le might face Shamrock again, or he could possibly fight Kala Kolohe Hose or even Robbie Lawler from EliteXC. I can't think of too many more compelling options. Maybe Mayhem or Trigg even.
3/30/08 12:26:09PM
if cung cleans up his game and gets more techincal, holds his hands up, doesnt strike flat footed. Gets some more experience then maybe he could be top 10, but at this point no.
3/30/08 6:03:32PM
His striking is definetly top ten, I just wish someone who even try to put him on his back.
3/30/08 7:59:51PM
he needs 1 more big opponent before i put him in my top 10
3/31/08 2:06:15AM
looks like he should be a welterweight to me, he looks small at middlewieght.
3/31/08 2:22:02AM
Cung is not in my top 10 at all.

Franky Sham is arguably top 15, as he hasn't beaten a top 10 fighter since 1999.

1 more win absolutely does not put Cung in the top 10 unless it is against a Lawler, Trigg, Mayhem, etc.

He could win his next 5 in a row but unless he beats top 10 talent, or multiple top 20's, depending on how the rest of the top MW's fare, he will always be outside the top 10 in my eyes.
3/31/08 3:43:33AM
He could take Alves, Rich Franklin, and IMO 1 day he can take A Silva, but as of now, he is not Top 10, probably 13 or 14th.
3/31/08 9:01:02AM
I dont even like Cung Le lol... He's quick, he's crafty, but he's got no power behind what he throws, he looks lazy when he kicks. top 20...not top 10 just yet
3/31/08 6:51:58PM
Cung is definatly a world class striker, and he could be good,but he needs to hurry; he is 35 years old
4/2/08 5:52:37PM
No hes not top ten, Yushin Okami isnt even top ten IMO, worldwide this division has a wealth of talent. If cung le can beat robbie lawler or kazuo misaki, then hell be in my top ten.
4/2/08 8:48:36PM
cung not sure maybe step up to the big boys ?ufc?he will find plenty of tougher competion. i would like to see him suceed.frank all i can say is ha ha maybe now he will fight a little more serious no more antics. for him i would say fight ken maybe an easy win that proves nothing but will put butts in seats which is all he is good for in my opion but thats mine not yours
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