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4/27/08 6:15:08PM
who wins this fight? i think anderson has more experience and would prolly come away with a victory but i aslo think this would be the best stand up match of the year.
4/27/08 6:22:39PM
Come on man, we are talking about Anderson the spider Silva best 4p4 fighter on the planet against a low level fighter in a low level league, please be serious.

Silva by murder !!

4/27/08 6:28:02PM
i dont think Cung would last longer than a round, i think silva's striking is much better than cungs, and would get a sub win after he rocks him with a straight right, so i say anderson by 1st round TKO, or sub (choke) ........cungs best chance would be to wear down silva by kicks, but that would only play a factor i the later rounds, and no way cung could last more than 3 rounds with silva.
4/27/08 7:41:27PM
Cung's kicks would keep him in the fight for a while. Anderson would eventually catch him and either KO him or sub him after hurting him with a punch.
4/27/08 7:57:56PM
4/27/08 9:55:18PM
my mistake bra. if your not gonna answer it dont post!
4/27/08 10:02:31PM
Cung throws flashier kicks, but most of his strikes last power. Silva has a great chin, where Cung got rocked in the 3rd rd by Frank punching with a broken arm. Silva's ground game is light years ahead of Cung's. The only way I could see Cung having an advantage is in takedowns and Throws, but Silva has shown he doen's care if someone takes him down because he will reverse positions, get back up or submit you.

ANderson by anyway he wants it in the late 1st or early second.
4/27/08 10:48:10PM
Cung Le...


in 5 years!



4/28/08 12:06:28AM
silva would destroy cung le no doubt.
4/28/08 12:26:39AM
cung would be lucky to make it past the 1st. anderson would pick him apart on the feet and sub him if needed.
4/28/08 1:33:18AM
IF Cung and Anderson were in prison cell together I think we all know who would be wearing the lipstick and doing the laundry.
That fight would be easy money for Anderson.
4/28/08 8:58:36AM

Posted by skatenate

silva would destroy cung le no doubt.

cung le would destroy silva no doubt.

Oh wait, this is MMA, a sport where athletes compete because NOTHING IS GUARANTEED.

I can't believe people can be so #%$!@ Anyone has a chance against anyone.

Am I the only one that sees a decision here (Anderson takes it)?
4/28/08 9:06:58AM
I think anderson would k.o lee. His power is just sick, he had hendo rocked twice in their first fight which isn't something you see very often. Hes also got a solid chin, hes taken shots from rich and dan and looked like he didnt even feel it. If hes able to land some of the shots shamrock did against lee, it'll be lights out. The thing is, andersons striking is on a whole other level to franks, so he'll be lands alot more. No disrespect to lee or anything, hes got a very bright future ahead of him, but im confident in saying anderson is on another level.
4/29/08 9:55:54AM
Andeson Silva, not much else to say on this one
4/29/08 12:06:30PM
Well, we could add that Cung Le has never been TKO/KOd in his entire undefeated career in kickboxing (Sanshou and K1) against opponents who train striking FULL TIME, as opposed to Anderson Silva.

Just saying, it's pretty dumb to assume Anderson would automatically TKO/KO him just because he did that to a few MMA fighters who haven't trained striking and only striking their whole life. I still think Anderson is gonna win because he has the better MMA game, but a TKO/KO doesn't seem to be likely.
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