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11/5/12 8:03:22AM
The nature of training is different for every fighter heading into a big bout in the UFC.

One staple throughout MMA in recent years, however, has been the explosion of the “super camp” featuring a number of top fighters all working together under one roof, and one set of coaches to get ready for upcoming competition.

Gyms like Team Greg Jackson, American Top Team, and American Kickboxing Academy have become synonymous with great training and building champions.

Recently, however, more top fighters are shying away from the “super camp” atmosphere because, for all the rave reviews about the great coaching and training, there seems to be something lost when it comes to personal attention when preparing for a fight...

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11/5/12 11:05:28AM
Wow maybe Koscheck was on to something about ATT. Of course the whole fallout surrounding his departure was, in my eyes, unnecessarily dickish. (as is Kos' nature) But I guess hearing it from someone significantly less douchey opens my eyes a bit. Hell, now that I think about it, Evans basically left Jackson's for the same reasons Cung Le left ATT.

I wonder: is supercamp training ideal? Depends on the fighter? Depends on where the fighter is in their career?

11/5/12 2:35:03PM
He's still making excuses for getting smoked by Wanderlei.