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6/25/08 5:44:36PM
Interesting interview with Cung Le. What are your takes on this?

Cung Le Interview
6/25/08 6:39:02PM
Depending on the role, he could be out for at most six months. Then add two-three months for training.. He could be gone most of the year. If there isn't an immediate challenger to his title then I think this will work.. It'll give them time to focus on their Heavyweight and Lightweight champions, plus maybe a LHW or WW champion. I think with Shamrock fighting his brother Ken, Le should be okay to not have to defend.. I would hate it, but it's the Tito Ortiz/Gina Carano problem all over again.
6/25/08 8:31:55PM
this is my opinon but if your a fighter with a belt you should vacate it to do a movie or somthing liek that. that kinda shit gets to a fighters head and they never come back either your a fighter or a movie star.
6/25/08 9:16:53PM
He's in his mid 30's and is new to mma. He needs to be thinking of a career after fighting and is using this to promote mma and his name. Nothing wrong with that. It's probably paying better, but he is already financially comfortable as it is...let the man do what he wants with his life.
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