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3/8/10 10:10:50PM

Le doesn’t want to wait another year to fight again. He wants to avenge his lone loss.

“I’m hoping to get a rematch with Scott Smith as soon as possible,” he said in a video interview released by Strikeforce on Monday, although he still hasn’t been given word if that is his next fight or not.

He’ll be ready when the call comes, however.
3/8/10 10:56:18PM
I think he deserves an immediate rematch but I also believe smith should have the right to fight someone else after that ridiculous comeback
3/8/10 11:47:13PM
This seems to be a common theme lately, everyone wanting quick rematches.
3/9/10 7:02:40AM
I enjoyed the last time these two fought so I would for sure like to see them scarp again....I'd also like to see Cung Le vs Manhoef.
3/9/10 7:19:55PM
That would be cool and we could have Smith fight Villasenor when he shows up too.....nice!
3/10/10 1:15:28AM
Well obviously he does. It's a win-win for him, and a no-win situation for Smith.

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