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8/6/07 1:50:27AM
I think he should be on the Elite X C card
8/6/07 11:36:27AM
Cung Le is overrated
8/6/07 3:19:36PM
No he is not dude
8/6/07 4:29:05PM
Cung Le is the man love 2 see him in the UFC
8/6/07 5:07:17PM
He will get crushed by the first grappler he faces.
8/6/07 5:42:26PM

Posted by tepid55

He will get crushed by the first grappler he faces.

Dude Cung le is sick he will defend the takedown and that was a bold statement,seeing how he has dominated evryone so far.
8/6/07 6:52:09PM
what top compatition has he faced
8/6/07 9:38:21PM
Cung le is exciting to watch in K1 but in MMA he would get smoked he has no experience on the ground and who knows if those trips and throws would even be effective against a wrestler or BJJ fighter!!
8/6/07 11:22:52PM

Posted by SpiderSilva

what top compatition has he faced

i didnt say it was top...haha i just said he has dominated.i want to see him face someone good though maybe like a b class fighter like macdonald or okami for instance.
8/7/07 1:43:55AM
I think it's too early to tell whether he's overrated in MMA yet.

He certainly deserves to be on an Elite XC card, as was originally asked by the OP.
8/7/07 3:38:21AM
I think he still has a contract with strike force the last ppv was elitexc and strike force together, but ya that fight with fryklund was just amazing
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