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6/26/12 7:11:45PM
Anthony Rizzo, the man, the myth, the legend will debut tonight for the Cubs! I expect nothing less than 12 HR's in his first game and him going 12 for 12.
6/26/12 7:19:44PM
6/26/12 7:31:06PM
Still need pitching.

Let's just see if he can produce at the major league level.
6/26/12 7:33:48PM
isnt he the Padres reject? If you cant cut it there, you cant cut it anywhere
6/26/12 7:43:40PM

Posted by Bubbles

isnt he the Padres reject? If you cant cut it there, you cant cut it anywhere

actually he got drafted by Theo and Jed Hoyer with the Red Sox. Hoyer left the Sox to become GM of the Padres so he brought Rizzo over to San Diego. Rizzo debuted in the MLB at 21 last year and didn't do too hot. When Hoyer and Theo came to the Cubs they scooped up Rizzo again.

So basically wherever Hoyer goes, Rizzo joins him.
6/26/12 7:52:06PM
Went to the Padres in the A-Gon deal.

Then to the cubs when pads got Alonso from Reds.
6/26/12 11:23:45PM
I guess that makes him a little more like Brett Wallace, whom I am still holdiing hope for. He was traded for Matt Holliday...and then was traded to Toronto for prospect Michael Taylor and then to Houston for prospect Anthony Gose. His MLB career hasnt been great thus far either...albeit he is much older than Rizzo

I guess comparing him to Travis Snider would be a more appropriate (but I have given up all hope on him). Came up to the bigs at 20, showed some signs of promise but a full season at this level would have allowed him to take sole possession of the single season strike out record