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7/10/09 8:38:40AM has learned that Mark Cuban is now a Zuffa bondholder. The size of Cuban’s position is unknown, however, being a bondholder has its privileges. In addition to potential financial returns, he now has access to Zuffa’s financial results. While he cannot make those results public, he will be able to closely monitor the company’s financial status.

7/10/09 9:26:20AM
this is very interesting considering this is the guy that owns HDNet. im interested to see what he has up his sleeve. lets not forget there were rumors a little while ago of the fertittas selling the ufc, maybe there was something to those. then again maybe he just wants to keep an eye on the competition, or maybe he just wants to work a deal where he can show HL footage and old matches on HDNet. cuban is a slick one though so theres something to this.
7/10/09 11:36:13AM
I would love to see me some UFC on HDNet!!!!
7/10/09 12:08:24PM
Unfortunately, I was unable to read the article. However, I did read somerthing previously about Cuban, along with Trump, being a financial backer for Affliction. Wouldn't it make sense that stake in Zuffa and the insider information that comes with it also comes with a "no-compete" clause that would prohibit affiliation with Affliction?
Naturally he would want to get UFC on HDNet for a ratings boost and I imagine the advertising revenue for numerous UFC events would be more profitable that a slice of quarterly Affliction pie (1 event per 3 months).
Cuban and the Fertittas are shrewd businessman, but I think Cuban would have had to make any major concessions as, simply put, Zuffa really doesn't need him.

7/10/09 12:21:43PM
Doesn't Dana hate Cuban?
7/10/09 1:06:39PM
HA. I wonder who sold him the bond interest. I can just picture Zuffa fuming with rage everytime they have to send all their top secret financial info to Cuban.

To the person that brought up a no compete clause... that is not applicable because Cuban will not be making any decisions within the company. Cuban wouldn't have to sign a contract because all he has really done is loan Zuffa money.
7/10/09 1:09:45PM

Posted by Rush

Doesn't Dana hate Cuban?

It doesn't matter. Bondholders are people who have loaned money who in return will get paid back with interest. They get access to the financial info so that they can keep track of their investments. Unless Zuffa doesn't follow up on their financial committment, Cuban will have no say in how the company is run.
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