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9/13/07 3:10:42PM
Leave it to Mark Cuban to offer the ultimate in-your-face fighting experience.
Coming soon to a theater near you: Mixed martial arts in 3D. "If you think watching MMA in person is amazing, if you think watching it in high-def is amazing, you ain't seen nothing until you see a punch come straight at you in 3D," Cuban said.

9/13/07 4:02:13PM
He talks about wanting MMA to leave the spectical view point while he is only bringing it closer to a spectical with this 3D mma crap. I dont know about you guys but i think its stupid.
9/13/07 5:31:01PM
lol thats what i was thinkin to
9/13/07 7:10:38PM
Cuban is a guy with too much money on his hands and no idea what to do with it... Besides I thought 3D went out in the 90's. Oh well at least it is more MMA in Dallas.
9/13/07 8:12:49PM
I guarantee Cuban will fail miserably in mma. Knowone wants to see any kind of sport in 3-D. What are we 6 years old?
9/13/07 9:28:19PM
Just for the ring girls in 3D

9/13/07 11:18:50PM
i guess id want to check it out but it sounds gay.why doesnt he just buy out or back up a established venue and make it big?
9/14/07 12:33:39AM
it sounds ridiculous to me, and seems to over the top.... but to be honest, I would probably check it out regardless...

but I think he should just buy into another established org. if he wants in on MMA..there are too many "big names" with "big pockets" trying to capitilize on the MMA explosion
9/14/07 11:36:06AM
LOL @ 3D
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