CSAC: Baroni Positive for Two Types of Steroids

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7/3/07 8:42:27PM
Middleweight Phil Baroni (Pictures) tested positive for Boldenone and Stanozolol Metabolites, the California State Athletic Commission announced Tuesday afternoon. The 31-year-old from Long Island, New York has been fined $2,500 and suspended 365 days from the conclusion of his loss against Frank Shamrock (Pictures) on June 22 in San Jose. The final 51 days of that suspension will be fulfilled at the start of Baroni's next licensing year, should he decide to reapply.

Baroni joins Carter Williams who was suspended six months and fined $1,000 following a positive test for cocaine, as the second fighter to test positive for banned substances following the Strikeforce/EliteXC co-promoted card.

All other fighters on the card have been cleared by the CSAC.
7/3/07 8:46:13PM

Is Pro-Elite just handing this stuff out in the locker room or something?
7/3/07 8:47:39PM
Baroni will never ever get a chance in the UFC now. And even after the fight i was beggining to respect Phil, what a shame
7/3/07 9:00:20PM
Big shame........
7/3/07 9:08:41PM
Guess thats a wrap on old Phil's career... Like the rest of you guys, I was just starting to like him after that fight... Oh well.
7/3/07 9:31:43PM
Whoops. . Damn it Phil........
7/3/07 9:40:11PM
Hey, it's not all sad news for Phil. Maybe they'll ressurect the Toughman contests and he can fight there again
7/3/07 11:47:51PM
what a dumb decision to make.
7/3/07 11:55:52PM

Posted by cincyassasin

what a dumb decision to make.

Ya, no shit!!! Baroni is what Frank claimed....I hope he is happy with his 50 g's, cause thats all he's gonna see from fighting for a year.
7/4/07 12:32:23AM
Was never a big fan of Shamrock, but Baroni is making him look good.
7/4/07 12:34:03AM
Thats no good. The thing that I find strange about steroids is that usually the fighters who are using them have lackluster performances.
7/4/07 12:54:39AM
everyone acts surprised...

first off he is a former body builder, second he is with hammer house, and to top it off he is a dumbass
7/4/07 2:24:11AM
Steroni!as Frank put it!
7/4/07 4:06:12AM

Posted by jdubs

everyone acts surprised...

first off he is a former body builder, second he is with hammer house, and to top it off he is a dumbass

whats up with the hammer house? are they known for being steroid users? i mean i heard about the randleman incident but have others been caught peein dirty?
7/4/07 7:43:59AM
I agree with everyone that i started to really respect baroni after that fight. He went out their and really gave it his all. But now he ruined it forever. Who would have thought Frank Shamrock would come out of this looking so good.
7/4/07 10:04:17AM
No way not Baroni he would never do that....
7/4/07 1:15:37PM
The best juicehead eva!
7/4/07 3:23:01PM
Wow no one saw this coming i mean if your going to roid at least when the thing as my boy nick diaz did yeah sure he blazed but he still got the victory.
7/4/07 6:05:16PM
too bad the roids still can't give him a good gas tank...
7/6/07 1:49:59AM
baroni is so dumb
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