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5/7/12 4:27:11PM
Well its a official now. Cruz out with a knee injury. This sucks.

5/7/12 5:11:18PM
No! Whose title will Faber fight for now? Lol
5/7/12 5:28:44PM
well that puts bantam weight in suspension again. i was irritated when they said cruz and faber will fight again so soon, but now we have to wait till cruz gets better AND wait to see who wins the second title fight with faber before we aee a new challenger for the title!!!! god dammit!!!
5/7/12 5:42:21PM
Not looking foward to hearing Faber going on and about Cruz being scared.
5/7/12 6:29:26PM
Damn ACL injuries! They don't make ACLs like they use ta! Back in my day.... Blahsbmsk zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
5/7/12 6:52:35PM
Ufc needs to do the right thing
Acl your out for the year. Make the interim title at 148

Faber vs Barao. Should still be a solid match
5/7/12 8:43:39PM
Damn... I knew that card line-up was too good to be true.
5/7/12 8:51:57PM
Rats. I won't get to see Dominick fight.

Barao/Faber and Mayday/Faber are 10x more interesting imo.