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12/22/08 5:40:27PM
"American Gladiators" has been cancelled. NBC officially announced it today, it apparently had been expected. So no more Gina in her crush getup on Monday nights. I'm off to find and download whatever Crush pics I can now.
12/22/08 5:47:10PM
if you find some good pics or a link to some, post that s**t!!!!!!!!!!!!!
12/22/08 5:49:12PM
I've got a Yahoo search bookmarked and am retrieving whatever Crush pics I can find, even if they're old. now don't forget the rules regarding posting pics and threads like that here (even though these are clean/worksafe), but I'll gradually put them up on my blog too.
12/22/08 6:17:40PM
12/22/08 6:42:15PM
Good riddance, the show sucked the first time around.
12/22/08 6:49:25PM
NOOO!!! i love american gladiators! it didnt matter how bad my day was, my cat could have blown up and my girlfriend could have turned out to be a dude, if american gladiators was on it would always cheer me up.

i shall miss thee once again
12/22/08 8:35:49PM
OK guys, I got a few pics up on my blog. Link's in my sig, when you get there look for the link. Don't worry, all pics are "work safe", you've probably seen them all save for a couple of promo pics I found for C&C Red Alert 3.
12/22/08 11:28:33PM
Saw the headline and new what it was going to say
12/23/08 1:00:18PM
I think your mistaking me for someone who actually gives a flying rats ass. Gladiators was terrible, but for you guys sake I wish it was still around. I'm sure NBC would be thrilled to know that the show had 3 fans.
12/23/08 8:12:41PM
My kids are bummed, they loved the show. I used to DVR it for them (ages 4 and 7).

I liked Crush and the other hot ones (gotta have something in the show for the dads!).
12/23/08 8:51:47PM
good riddance, ill admit she looked hot in that outfit but now she can concentrate on fighting
12/24/08 5:15:15AM
If someone will sign her. Quit stalling already, Dana!
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