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12/30/08 3:21:09PM
Let me tell you a little bit about how this camp will work. I want this to be a top fight camp and for us to be the best we need everyone to make all picks. The secondary league isn't mandatory, but it is mandatory in this league to make all picks. If your not sure about some fights just post it on the message board and everyone will help you out. I would like this to be a middleweight fight camp. This camp will be the best in its class, because I will make sure of it. If you don't make all your picks you will get a warning and the next time it happens you will be removed from the camp. We are here to win. If you have any questions or want to join feel free to message me. Thanks!

1/4/09 6:24:45PM
SpiderSilva, stop hacking this thread and any others you might be. I'm getting complaints about it, stick to your own thread. That applies to everyone else and their camps too. Read the sticky thread at the top of this forum again.

Other posts deleted upon request. KO, feel free to re-post the content of the duplicate thread you made before here (the one that I closed and you PM'd me about).
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