UFC 91 Crowd Fight

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1/22/09 7:59:52PM

The throw at 29 seconds made me laugh.
1/22/09 11:58:17PM

Holy **** man, that officer is a stud. That was impressive.
1/23/09 1:47:50AM
**** is so stupid. At least this took place AFTER the main event. I was at UFC 84 and a fight broke out during the Goran Reljic vs. Wilson Gouveia fight. I laughed at the stupid d bags. You paid all that money to come to the fights and you're going to get taken out before the two biggest fights on the card. People in the crowd were watching the two assholes go at it while the fight was happening and I just kept watching Goran and Wilson. Why the hell would you want to watch assholes in the crowd over two mixed martial arts fighters.
1/23/09 2:34:49AM
This acctually involved Ray Sefo and his brother(300 and some lb brother). Some guy in front of them fought in small shows and figured he could take ray out lol.
1/23/09 8:38:23AM
What a throw.LOL
1/23/09 11:14:59AM
Maybe that lady was just really really disappointed that her fav fighter couture just lost. And somebody near her was probably a WWE fan and they started throwing words back and forth.
1/23/09 11:22:21AM
Already posted back in November.


It is a sweet toss by the cop in there. Way to take control of the situation quickly.
1/24/09 3:44:42AM
Old, but good nonetheless
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