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6/12/07 8:00:30PM

Posted by Manfred

Posted by GrandMaster313

i thought cro-cop is fighting PPV soon??

whats up with retirement?

He said recently that he's retiring after this contract. (four more fights, I think)

I honestly wouldn't buy into it... he said he was going to retire if he didn't win the GP aswell...
6/12/07 8:04:01PM
If he wins all four, and hasn't fought fedor yet, he will sign at least a one fight contract with someone just to fight fedor.
6/12/07 10:04:00PM
Did he ever report getting injured when he fell from the headkick? He sure looked like his leg was bent very unaturally.
His next fight is not an easy one, imo.
6/12/07 11:54:49PM
Yes, it was just an ankle sprain.
6/13/07 5:50:51AM

Posted by nubby

I have seen many of his fights. I just don't like his personality or his fight style. You know guys, you can't force me to like him!

Im not forcing you to like him at all........You said he had no I posted a link (as did others)...........that proves he does........yet you still wont admit you are for his fighting style.....if you dont like, you dont like it, fair enough...........but I think you should respect it.

One loss doesnt make him a bad fighter, if he learns from his mistakes (which i think he will) then lets just say I wouldnt want to be kongo.

6/13/07 7:20:13AM

Posted by Mastodon2

You really should show a little more respect Nubby, the guy has been a figurehead of MMA for several years now, just think about how many fans got into MMA just by seeing a video of one of his performances getting passed around the internet, you are talking to one of those fans!

People should be able to miss or not miss whoever they like. For example, I won't miss Tito one bit when he's gone but I recognize that he's done great things for the sport.
You can have respect for someone or someones skill and still don't like him.
6/13/07 3:10:59PM
Maybe we will finally get the age-old question answered! Shy guy or all-out prick? Either way,I wish he was a little more forthcoming,so many people want to know so much about him!
Anyway, I hope he destroys KONGO at UFC 75!
6/13/07 5:54:24PM
Think about where he came from in his life before k-1 he was a SPECIAL FORCES Anti-terrosim officer after some shit like that most people wouldnt be a chatter box,
6/13/07 7:18:37PM
Remember the man also fought for Croatia in the Bosnian war. He's probly seen some terrible things. He WILL DESTROY kongo at UFC 75! I expect him to come back better then ever! believe in him!!!!!
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