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3/5/07 8:29:44PM
im curious as to why everyone here thinks Crocop will destroy Liddell if they ever have match against each other...its a far fetched idea that will most likely NEVER happen but why would Crocop win this match?
3/5/07 8:40:10PM
Deam matchups to MMa lounge. Anyway, as of now Cro-cop has to beat Gonzaga/ Randy for this to even seem possible. I think the UFC would match him with Arlovski after that. So I think this is something not even in the realm of possiblity any time soon. That being said I take Cro-cop 76 out of 10 times.
3/5/07 8:41:17PM
IMO: It is a 50/50 chance for winning. Neither opponent would have to worry about their sprawl so ground game and wrestling are out of the picture. Liddell will never put his hands down to allow the head kick from mirko. So this would be a match of the leg kicks and hands. No doubt mirko has the leg strength but if liddell were to bulk up to maybe 135lbs then i believe he would have more knockout power. So after everything it would be a match of defenses...whoever dropped their guard first will be KO' i give it 50/50 to each fighter...
3/5/07 9:49:51PM
i assume to mean 235 (typo). and i dont think Chuck can gain that much. Word is that he weighs aroudn 215. Thats a lot of weight to gain. Look at Randy. He is bigger than Liddell and he could only get to 225. It would take a lot of weights for Chuck to reach 235 IMO. I know he has KO power. But does he have the power of Cro Cop?
Anyone who thinks Cro Cop has a glass chin is insane. Kickboxing since 1994 i dont think so.
But what about Chucks chin??????? When was the last time Chuck fought a striker....... Vernon White?
IMO Cro Cop has all of the tools liddell has but they are just better. Cro Cop has more power, Size, Chin/ toughness. Not to mention just stepping in to the cage with him must be intimiadating.

I think Cro Cop takes this 100 times out 10.
3/5/07 10:28:56PM
I'd pick Liddell on this one. Cro Cop slips on decals a lot, especially against top competition, and Liddell capitalises on small mistakes. You have to make 1 mistake for Liddell to KO you.
3/5/07 10:41:23PM
you could also say the same for crocop. if liddell messes up then its lights out.
3/5/07 10:48:48PM
I don't think ive ever actully seen Chuck keep his hands up. If he keeps them down on Crocop it's LHK. Also if he does decide to put them up to high he will get kicked ultra hard in the ribs. Factor the body kicks with the also good leg kicks... and the overall better striking Crocop has (Has fought world's best strikers were as Liddell has not, and done very, very well) I think Chuck gets KO'ed in the second round.
3/5/07 11:05:20PM
well you never know...chuck did come from a wrestling background...he would probly try for a take down just to neutralize CC's legs.
3/5/07 11:30:46PM
we will never know who we will win until we see it but there is no way that anyone can say that either of them would win 10 out of 10 fights. beating an elite fighter ten times in a row would just not happen IMO. (edit: except Fedor)
3/6/07 3:19:55AM
Cro Cop wasn't able to finish Kanehara. You can't tell me he didn't make a mistake.
3/6/07 4:43:32PM
Chuck is too small, not technical enough and is too defensive. It has been shown time and again the way to stop CroCop is to be proactive not to wait for him to hit you. Chuck's (usual)gameplan works well against grapplers but would leave him a sitting duck for a vicious multi-faceted CroCop attack. And neither of these guys wants to take it to the ground.
3/9/07 2:42:25AM
CC could win but I'd list him as the dog! Call me crazy but IMO Liddell would KO him!
3/14/07 5:06:26AM
I've just joined this website a few days ago, and I am very impressed w/the discussions and the knowledge of MMA on this website. But I have to say, after reading and debating on this website, IMO Chuck Lidell is probably the most overated fighter after readin posts on this website. I dont wanna take away what Chuck has achieved in UFC and MMA, but to put him the same cage or ring w/CC is obsurd. I would be very surprised if Chuck made it past the first round. Regardless if Chuck put on weight or if CC dropped. Chuck needs to broaden his disciplines a little and he will be a devasting fighter, but until he stops depending on his right hand so much, I just dont see him beating CC.
3/14/07 9:59:30AM
I think strength, explosiveness, cardio and striking goes to Mirko and wrestling and octagon experience goes to Chuck.
Add that to the fact that Chuck usually likes to stand and strike and that he's 36-37 I think we would have a brutal KO of Chuck.

Chuck is a great fighter but CroCop is just a bad match-up for him just as I think Rashad is a bad match-up for Tito.
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