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4/20/07 4:45:47PM

Mirko doesn't like showbiz, but showbiz is exactly what the UFC, his current organization, wants. They made a circus even in the weigh-ins, in front of around thousand people.

"In Japan I came to the hotel and didn't get out until the fight, and after the fight I went home. Here I have to do conferences, weigh-ins, and I don't like it, it annoys me, but it's their way, and I chose this job myself. Oh, I'm not sorry...", Mirko says.
4/20/07 4:55:14PM
haha pretty funny. Cro Cop is a very private person so I can see why he is irritated.
4/20/07 5:27:51PM
Yeah that's just how he is.. Humble dude with some serious skills.
4/20/07 6:44:56PM
I guess we won't see him pushing anyone or going ballistic at a weigh-in anytime soon!
4/20/07 7:15:22PM
Mirko knew this going in that UFC is all about the publicity. As long as he gets paid well, he can afford to do some public appearances. It'll pay off for him later once he becoes more accustomed to it.
4/20/07 8:26:24PM
He does have an attitude problem and needs to realise that the fans pay his salary!
4/21/07 9:53:08AM
God help him if he becomes champion! His ways won't approve to Dana White as he wants to market his champions to the fans
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