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2/6/07 2:48:34PM
Am I the only one to find it funny that Cro Cop came out to the Pride theme song????? It just seems a little weird to me that he would do that while fighting for the UFC. It is a badass song though.
2/6/07 6:23:10PM
i posted this already
2/6/07 7:36:09PM
It was funny to those MMA fans who knew what it was. How many people there live really knew what it was though? Dana said later that he had approved it so it's a non issue in my mind.
2/6/07 7:42:06PM
yeah that was cool.
I wonder if he's always been thinking "Damn I want to have that theme song as an entrance song one day" when he was in Pride.

The cool drums really pumped me (and the audience I'm sure) up for the fight. It made him feel even more dangerous than he already is.

I wonder if he'll continue using this song in his future bouts...
2/7/07 7:51:12AM
I sure hope he continues to use it.
2/8/07 6:16:20PM
There I was expecting Wild Boys and BAM! the Pride theme. It was freakin sweet IMO. He says it gets him pumped up... well I'm gonna have to agree. I popped right up off my couch.
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