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10/29/08 1:18:09PM
Coming off their controversial no contest at the last DREAM event, Mirko Cro Cop says he'll face Alistair Overeem again at the K-1 New Year's Eve event. CC won't be 100% though-he's going in with a knee injury and will have surgery after the event.

10/29/08 1:26:59PM
already a excuse.... i'm thinking its time for him to retire or something. I coulndt believe how poorly he was doing against Overeem
10/29/08 1:29:51PM
Why would you go on record to say this?

Hell, save yourself the time and just draw a big red target on it.
10/29/08 2:39:46PM
Does anyone else miss the old CroCop? Ah the good old days...
10/29/08 2:47:54PM

Posted by bojangalz

Does anyone else miss the old CroCop? Ah the good old days...

I sure as hell do! i just don't think he'll ever be back or the same as old. Idk how or why he's become this way.
10/29/08 2:51:44PM
2 words for how of course: Gabriel Gonzaga. He kicked him out of the fight, the title shot, the UFC, and perhaps the door that is MMA. Or at least kicked one foot out the door. CC's never fully recovered from that KO.
10/29/08 3:17:24PM
Please don't fight again unless you are 100% physically and mentally. Your relavance in the sport is riding on this next fight. Make sure you make the most of this last chance.

Cro Cop will always be remembered for how devastaing he was in his prime... and if he isn't able to perform at that level anymore he should move on.
10/29/08 3:23:25PM
i agree why tell everyone this.. excuses already
10/29/08 3:31:15PM
Overeem is going to overwhelm him on the feet and then he is going to take him down and make him say uncle. Sadly Cro Cops time is over.
10/29/08 5:32:24PM
Unless Cropcop decides to get even and kick him in the nutsack.
10/29/08 6:46:21PM
He's just telling everyone so when he kicks Overeems ass everyone will be more impressed.

EDIT: Also if anyone thinks this will at all effect him then you don't know him, he broke his foot on Wands head and still kicked Barney's ass. With him it's all a question of motivation, nothing else.
10/29/08 6:55:09PM
I don't think he can beat this new larger Alistair. Looks like he's finally putting it together. I just hope he doesn't knee Cro Cops other ball into his stomach.
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