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1/16/07 7:17:55PM
Any takers for sanchez? I'll put up $100 that Cro Cop beats sanchez.

I just want to know if there's any UFC fan hard-headed enough to think that sanchez has a hope of winning.
1/16/07 7:20:04PM

The sun rises tomorrow, $100. Any takers for the sun not rising tomorrow? let me know
1/16/07 7:29:55PM
Good luck but I'm sure there's someone out there that believe's Sanchez' right hand will connect before either of Mirko's legs.

1/16/07 10:28:06PM
Well, some people may think that Dana gave CC instructions to let the fight make it to round 2 so that the fans can see him for more than a 2 second LHK. If you want, try to find someone who thinks that CC will win in round 2 and wager tham that CC wins in round 1.
1/16/07 11:06:38PM
And hey, don't ask me who, but so far 19 registered site users have chosen Sanchez to beat CC:

So maybe someone out there will take your crazy wager
1/16/07 11:26:51PM
C'mon i know there are at least 19 of u out there betting on sanchez, lets make a wager. If i lose i will be humiliated completely and u will have $100 of my fantasy money

I'll even throw down $50 on Silva winning to the first person to take Lutter.
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